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Updated: May 10, 2021


Girl Power managed to organise a football training camp where the Girl Power Fearless football team members travelled from around Europe to Denmark.

A one-week training camp included football activities, visiting asylum centres, storytelling, sightseeing, educational workshops, and participation in a Global Goals tournament. The team managed to take the second spot at the tournament. The team was supported by hummel & Fare Network.


Three instructors from Girl Power participated in the Kienbaum workshop coordinated by our partner Camp Group in Berlin Germany.

The participants of the workshop were school teachers from around Germany. The instructors led three sessions of the workshops around the topics of the integration and inclusion of minorities, by introducing good practices and examples of the activities that can improve inclusion at schools activities.


Girl Power created a football team called Fearless Football Team.

Fearless Team is culturally diverse the team members are young women both native European and women with an ethnic minority background.

These women are the leaders & role models in different communities, who use sport and education as a means of empowerment and inclusion in European societies.

The objective for creating such a team is to empower & support each team members by participating in different international events, where they can get the opportunity to build an international network, exchange knowledge, opportunities, inspire and get inspired.

The main objective for the team is to be the champions for UN 17 Sustainable Goals for Goal; 5 Gender Equality, 4 Quality Education & 10 Reduce Inequalities.

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