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Updated: May 10, 2021


Girl Power entered into a new collaboration agreement with the two non-profit organisations Champions Ohne Grenzen from Berlin Germany & Les Degommeuses From Paris. The collaboration aimed at the organisation of a 5-days training camp, including playing in a football tournament in Berlin, Germany.

The Girl Power Fearless Football team manage to participate in the training camp, which included educational workshops & team-building sports activities led by instructors from three organisations. On the last day of the training camp, the teams from each organisation participated in a friendly football tournament.

As a result of continuous activities our Fearless team members from Hamburg, Germany, took initiative and created Girl Power Hamburg women’s football team that includes immigrants, refugees, from different countries living in Hamburg, Germany. Now the team is active and are welcoming new female players to start being active.

The team is championing UN SDG 4 Quality education, where the team provides integration & Inclusion workshop for schools in Hamburg.


Girl Power expands its activities to Athens, Greece. The organisation could manage to organise a training camp inside one of the biggest asylum centres in Europe Skaramagas.

The training camp activities planned for two age groups 5 -10 years old boys and girls and 11 - 14 years old. The activities included fun games, team building activities, and a workshop for coaches and volunteer coaches.

Before the training camp, the centre didn't have any sports activities for female participants. One of the demands from us were creating the girls if they wanted Girl Power to provide training camps and sports goods.

The Girl Power training camp's impact was the start of a sustainable new program for girls in the centre.


This year Girl Power presented two football teams for the Global Goals tournament in Denmark. Girl Power Fearless Football Team & Girl Power Hamburg Team.

Girl Power Organised a one-week training camp with the collaboration of hummel & Global Goals World cup to host a training camp with its two teams in Denmark. The training camp included workshops, team building activities, and successfully participated in the Global Goals Football tournament.


After delivering an exciting and successful workshop in Berlin last year (2016). This year with the collaboration of our partner organisation Camp Group, Girl Power instructors once again managed to deliver a successful workshop about the inclusion and participation of minorities through school activities for school teachers in Berlin Germany.


Girl Power attended in Global Goals World Cup, which took place the same year in New York, United States. Girl Power managed to meet the other non-profit organisations that have the inclusion and integration programme in their working curriculum as a case study.

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