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Girl Power with the collaboration of Kickstart Joy organisation based in New York held a one-week long football training camp and team-building workshops for Syrian refugees in two refugee camps Zaatari & Azraq refugee centres based on the border of Syria and Jordan.

The training camp was for both boys and girls, age 5 - 16 years old. The morning training sessions were for kids age 5 - 11, and afternoon sessions were for 12 - 16 years old.

The objective of the workshops was to provide a fun sport and educational experience for kids living at the refugee centre, where they don’t have the opportunity to get out of the centres.

hummel sponsored and supported Girl Power to provide footballs, sports gears and equipment for kids at the centre.

It was a great experience for both participants and the organisation a week full of fun activities. One jersey, one ball can bring so much happiness & joy for a kid in closed doors refugee camps, that is what we have witnessed at the refugee centres after visiting those talented kids. You can read more here…


Girl Power started a collaboration with one of the successful women & girls football club in Karachi Pakistan, Diya FC. Part of the collaboration agreement was the organisation of a training camp, including sport & educational activities.

Girl Power with the collaboration of Diya FC and support from Organisation Fare Network could manage to organise a training camp which included sports activities and educational workshops. The event took place during the global campaign week #FootballPeople, the campaign that people around the world take a stand through sports for an equal world and without discrimination.

The event began with a workshop, the theme and the topic of the workshop was "Child Marriage". where experts explained the side effects of early child marriage.

The participants of the workshops were players, their parents and coaches. After the workshops, a mini-football game took place for girls.

At the end of the Girl Power School, participants received a participation certificate. The response was very positive and participants requested to have more events as such.

The objective of the organisation for organising the training camp was to support Diya FC to encourage more girls to start playing football and being active.

Many young talented girls who participated in the event enjoyed the team building activities at the workshop as well as football fun activities on the pitch.

All participants received sports gear an appreciation certificate for their participation at the event from the organisation.

We use the power of football as a tool to raise awareness of the issues faced by women. We hope to create enough awareness to someday end the culture of forcing kids into early marriage.

At the workshops, experts educate people about child marriage and the side effects it has on children and society.


Girl Power started the collaboration with two provinces in the northern part of Afghanistan. The women's football department, and public girls school in Mazar-e Sharif province, and women's football department in Jowizjan province.

This year 2019, Girl Power managed to organise a training camp and an educational workshop for the women's football department in Mazar-e Sharif.

The training camp included football activities, team building and leadership, workshops.

The objective of this event was to support and empower the women's football department in Mazar-e Sharif province to encourage more girls to join sports activities. The workshops topics aimed to encourage young girls towards a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness about the positive impact of female participation in society.

The event was supported by Fare Network as part of the global campaign #FootballPeopleWeek


Girl Power Hamburg Team travelled to Denmark for a one-week football training camp and educational workshop. The training sessions included on the pitch and off-pitch team building, fun football, networking and social activities such as storytelling, visiting other football teams and players. The visit ended with the participation at the Global Goals tournament. This year two Girl Power Football teams participated in the tournament The Hamburg team & and a team from Denmark.


Summer 2019, Girl Power Football team from refugee centres managed to participate at FC Nordsjælland Grassroots Football Festival. Along with the kids, the parents were also invited to the festival.

The festival kick-started with fun sport football activities with a mini-football tournament.

The festival was arranged on the Pre- FC Nordsjælland football game, where the kids and there got the opportunity to stay longer at the stadium watching the match and cheer together with the fans and enjoy the game-day atmosphere.


REWINS is a 24-month project designed with a goal to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, specifically for refugee women.

The main project aims for REWINS are to promote a positive attitude towards refugee women in sports, identify refugees’ barriers and good practices for participation in local sports activities, provide opportunities for refugee women at the grassroots level, raise awareness of the refugee population and mobilise better inclusion of refugees in local sports organisations.

The direct target group for the project will be refugee women age 18 and over, along with coaches and local communities. Outputs will include the development of training courses for coaches and the formation of women’s football teams in the selected partner countries, based on the methodologies of the training courses.

Partners in this project are Organisation Earth (Greece), Girl Power Organisation (Denmark), Polisportiva San Precario (Italy) and the Fare network. The Fare network is the lead partner in this project.

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