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Updated: May 10, 2021


Girl Power celebrated the European Week of Sport by organising a one-day sports festival for girls and women from many cultural backgrounds, with the main focus being on immigrants and refugees.

The event started with music, fun football and basketball games, along with a football freestyler show, and a workshop for mothers.

After a series of games with a DJ playing music in the background, a mini football tournament took place where all the participants were divided into small groups. There were special prizes for each team, which were handed out at the end of the tournament.

More than 60 women and girls from different age group participated at the event, receiving a jersey with a goodie bag, snacks and drinks on arrival.

The participants enjoyed the event, with many saying in their feedback that they would like these activities to happen more often.

Girl Power and European Week of Sport collaborated well together, and EWOS Denmark raised awareness about the event on their SoMe channels. #BeActive #REWINS


Girl Power Leadership Workshop took place in Hamburg. It was a one day workshop where participants discussed the role and impact of leadership in our lives, communities and the world, examples of good leadership and leaders who inspire/inspired. The importance of having role models, and discussed some examples of female role models. Some team building and trust games also took place and the workshop ended with football training and team building activities.

The workshop supported by Fare Network as part of global campaign #FootballPeopleWeeks

All the participants of the workshop received a completion certificate signed by the Girl Power and FARE Network.


Successful Girl Power Grassroots training camp took place in Chipurson in rural areas and in the border of Pakistan & Afghanistan as part of the #FootballPeopleWeeks

The objective of the training camp and educational workshop was to raise awareness about the importance of sports & education and thereby encourage young girls to be active and have a healthy lifestyle.

Although the weather was colder among the mountains, these girls showed up with full excitement to the camp.

Thank you to our champion Inayat Sumaira and her organization for collaboration in organizing this event.


Girl Power Football training and Workshop took place in Helsingør city of Denmark. The event has collaborated with the A2B language school. A2B is a special school that provides Danish language courses for traumatized refugees & migrants who have difficulties following their education in a normal language school.

The event aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of sports and being active, and thereby encourage the participants to be active and practise sports activities. The event ended with a fun football mini-tournament that all participants enjoyed and actively participated in.

The event aimed to also take a stand and be part of the global campaign #FootballPeopleWeek


After a successful event in 2019 Girl Power once again manage to deliver a successful training camp in two beautiful provinces in the northern part of Afghanistan Mazare Sharif & Jowzjan. The provinces where women & girls have limited opportunities and access to education & social activities. The program aimed to provide sporting and fun opportunity for participants and also to encourage them to towards a healthy lifestyle. The programs started with speeches of guest speakers & experts of public health and women rights advocates about the benefits of sports & education in life and thereby encouraged players to continue their education and sports activities. The training camp included workshops led by experts and football training. The feedback from both programs was positive, and the participants requested more activities and programs as such. The programs organised to support the global campaign #FootballPeopleWeek and supported by Fare Network.


In 2019, Girl Power collaborated with Diya FC and managed to organise a training camp for girls in Karachi Pakistan. This year 2020, Girl Power based on the request and interest of women and girls in both Karachi and Lahore organised a one-week training camp that included a football tournament & educational workshops.

The football tournament aimed to encourage more girls to start football many girls joined the training camp who never played any sports before. The program also received well local media coverage.

High profile guests from the football federation and other organisations also attended the tournament to encourage girls and coaches to take an active part in society.

Karachi and Lahore are the cities where women & girls have limited opportunities for education and social activities due to cultural and social barriers that are faced by women.

The event supported by Fare Network as part of the Global campaign #FootballPeopleWeek

See link for more photos and news

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